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As an ancient summer solstice tradition, dog meat is eaten to keep the body warm and for its medicinal cures. It is also believed to bring good fortune and health to the entire family every year.
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The Yulin Festival only began in the 1990s. Instead of promoting a higher level of food quality and health practices, it has fuelled an unregulated black market of dog theft and cruelty by fringe sellers.
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Carefully bred in controlled breeding farms, the dogs are closely monitored for their health and nutritional qualities. These farms ensure that the meats meet regulation standards set by governing bodies.
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There is little evidence of regulated dog breeding farms, which suggests that meats are obtained illegally. Thieves use nets, drugs and poison to capture the dogs. These animals are then confined in torturously small cages and in conditions where diseases spread easily.
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Open kitchens are familiar and trusted approaches restaurateurs employ to allow patrons to choose from a menu of dog meats. Food preparation is executed skillfully with high levels of sanitation so patrons trust the meals that they are being served.
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The reality is that many dogs and cats are killed in torturous, inhumane ways. The animal corpses are then prepped for display. These kitchens showcase clear evidence of contamination as blood, skin, fur and entrails are all mixed up and spread across cutting surfaces.
Footage courtesy of VICE Media

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